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MTMS Machineering 2017
Maintenance & Subconctracting
MTMS Machineering 2017
Materials & Components
MTMS Machineering 2017
MTMS Machineering 2017
Machine Tooling & Equipment
MTMS Machineering 2017
Additive Manufacturing & Prototyping
MTMS Machineering 2017


MTMS-MACHINEERING 2017’s mission is to present its visitors an array of suppliers and/or partners who will take charge of the transformation(s) of production, assembly and subcontracting sectors towards 2020.

The 4 transformations for the manufacturing industry and mechanical engineering

We can no longer deny it: your clients from the manufacturing industry and mechanical engineering sectors will have to implement a number of challenging transformations if they want to survive decades to come in a market-efficient way. You are part of this transformation process and your company supplies components, materials or technology. This means it will be your turn first!!

  • Smart & Digital Production, Engineering  & Assembly
  • Smart Materials & Components
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • High Performance, Customer Focused & Resource Efficient  Manufacturing

Networking and demonstrations at the transformation trade show for the manufacturing industry and mechanical engineering

Companies have always participated in trade shows and networks. But along with technology, the manners in which to partake have changed profoundly. That is why Invent Media has gathered all its expertise in matters of technology shows and networking concepts, to come to a refined distillate called “MTMS-MACHINEERING”, the exhibition with a future, for the industry of tomorrow!

MTMS-MACHINEERING now clearly stands as one whole, because it all starts with the advanced and adaptive engineering of high-tech systems and the underlying components. MTMS gathers transformation technologies for all types of materials, while Machineering covers all that relates to setting up a production or assembly line, from the engineering and prototyping phases to a quality product, including the choice of materials and components.